• We at juzt2 believe that each neighborhood/local shop has atleast 2 offers which it can offer to its customers, which has no match. However, owing to constraints of budget or/and technology, these shops are not able to leverage the same to increase their sales. Thus was born juzt2 ; a mobile based aggregator of local neighborhood shops, which connects the shopkeepers to their customers. It provides a platform to the traditional mom and pop stores; the drivers of Indian economy, wherein each shop can promote itself FREE of cost and participate in the digital revolution.
  • The thought behind creation of juzt2 was to keep it simple and easy to use by both the shopkeeper and customer, give a solution which encompasses simplicity and technology within the traditional eco system of the society. It's an attempt to reconnect and bring the joy of shopping through our traditional local shops.

juzt2 is different, it has been built on the existing traditional shopping eco system in India with the minimum required impetus from technology. Its differentiation lies in:-

    FREE with NIL Commission

  • Totally FREE for both the sellers and buyers
  • Nil commission is taken by juzt2 on any of the transactions
  • Freedom to Make Offers and Deliver

  • Shopkeeper makes his own 2 offers and uploads.
  • The shopkeeper decides on the discount and validity. He is totally in charge to decide what is uploaded and for how long.
  • Delivery is as per shopkeeper's rules which are clearly mentioned.
  • Total Transparency

  • Full and complete information of shopkeeper, along with his contact number is given against his 2 offers.
  • Even the shopkeeper is given the name and full contact address of the customer placing the order.
  • Bids

  • The customer can seek BIDS from shopkeepers and get the best rate for larger orders.
  • Customer Rating of Shopkeepers

  • Customers can rate the shopkeepers based on their experience, once the order is delivered
  • Easy and Simple to Use

  • Just download the mobile application and start uploading / selling and buying
  • GPS Shop Locater

  • The application allow the customers to locate the shop giving the 2 best offers. When the location icon next to shop address is clicked - Google maps draws a map from customers location to the shop.
  • This feature allows juzt2 customers to shop in unknown places and markets.

Download the juzt2 application (from the android, ios or windows store) and register by giving your - mobile number, name of shop , type of shop, name of owner and shop address.

You can start uploading offers immediately after you register.

Your dashboard page (which is your default page) , shows the number of orders you have received . Just select them and complete order list with full customer details is displayed.

All relevant products bids send by customers are received in your Bid book automatically. You will be shown on your Dashboard, the total number of bids. Just select My bids and complete bid send by customer is shown. You can see the requirement and give you bid directly against the customers bid.

The type of shop link on the top allows the customer to filter the offers as per shop type. Further the customer can also select the distance from his location upto which he wants to see the shops offers; upto 5km, upto 10km and upto 15km.

When a shopkeeper registers on juzt2, he gives his details about delivery (No delivery or delivery free for order value upto distance (km) (as defined by him). This information is displayed along with the shopkeeper details with his 2 offers. Thus in case your orders meets the shopkeeper rules for same , he would deliver or if not then you can pick up the product on your way back from work.

Yes, customer can set alerts based on relevant products, new shops and 2 new offers, in the setting page.