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Neighbourhood shop

We at juzt2 believe that each neighbourhood shop has atleast 2 offers which has no match anywhere. juzt2reconnects you with traditional mom-and-pop shops to reinforce the trust, shopping experience and honesty of offers; values which are fading away from our lives


Shopkeepers are invited to join juzt2 for an easy selling experience. Registration is simple - just download the juzt2 app and give your shop details. No forms to fill, no bank data required. Register and start selling your products on juzt2 immediately without any hassle!


Browse to see best offers in your vicinity. Use filters of location, shop and product type to view relevant offers.juzt2 allows you to shop like a local; anywhere and everywhere. It arms you with information on best deals - even before you enter a market. Get into targeted shopping mode with juzt2


juzt2 allows you to shop from the trusted shops at best prices. The Gupta uncle, Lalaji, Chachi, Happy Singh, Rahim Chacha, Pappu ....shopkeepers whom your family has trusted for years, with whom you share a bond of friendship - sellers who would never cheat you.

Best Bid

Desired product not on offer list ? No problem, select best offer, enter product details and seek best bids from shopkeepers - get the best offer and buy. No more running from shop to shop for best price, get BEST offers while relaxing in your home/office throughjuzt2.


No waiting for courier. No worries of online payment. No buying based on flashy photographs. Buy the product after testing and trying it to your satisfaction. Pay for it and take it ; no waiting. No question marks on returns, no confusion of warranty and no running after installation. Just go juzt2 and buy local, with best price benefits.


Digital campaign

Our start areas - but you can join us from anywhere

juzt 2 is an mobile based aggregator of local neighbourhood shops, which connects the shopkeepers to their customers. It provides a platform to the traditional mom and pop stores; the drivers of Indian economy , wherein each shop can promote itself FREE of cost and participate in the digital revolution. The thought behind creation of juzt2 was to keep it simple and easy to use by both the shopkeeper and customer, give a solution which encompasses simplicity and technology within the traditional eco system of the society. Join us to make juzt2 a success.